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The Bible and symbols

Why parts of the Bible are expressed in symbols?

Since before the emergence of writing man he has tried graphically expressed by symbols. This is because they have the utility represent concepts that can range from the simple to the complex; the superficial to deep and from the earthly to the supernatural.

In the case of the message of the Bible is no exception, as in Scripture are inserted from start to finish a variety of rich symbols in not only deep but vital meanings given its importance.

Thus we find that behind all symbols of the Bible, olive oil, wine, wheat, barley, salt, rain, parties, etc., there is a lot of information that is useful not getting lost on our way back to the Father.

While it is necessary for the understanding of biblical symbols to know the Heart of the Lord concerning humanity also needed largely interested in learning about the idiosyncrasies of the people of the Bible, that is what gave them fear? What made them feel secure? What craved? What abhorred? What they loved? What hate? What made them feel happy?

Once you are knowing the people that were transmitted for the first time these graphic messages we are closer to understanding the vast and profound meaning of biblical symbols.

Thus, one of the purposes of this page is delving into the customs and thoughts of the people of the Bible and after that try to understand the symbolic meanings embodied in the message that the people of God have been receiving for thousands of years.