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The wine - biblical symbolic meaning

Possibly the vine, like salt and wheat, have accompanied man since he inhabited the earth.

The Word tells us that after Noah's ark down began to till the land and planted a vineyard (Genesis 9:20) and therefore also unfortunately came the first drunk in History (Genesis 9:21) and warning us that we should care have with wine.

Wine is, of course, the most appreciated product of the vine and along all the Word from Genesis to Revelation we find numerous references to him.

Like olives or olives are picked grapes in harvest time with enough time to make wine and have it ready for the Feast of Tabernacles time.

For the color, flavor, preparation process and especially effects the body, old wine attributed to deep symbolic meanings and spiritual joy, justice, blood, spirit, etc.

The wine, with its passing effect, represented for the men of the Bible, among other things, happiness, comfort, medicine and abundance. Then briefly discuss each of these symbolic meanings.

Wine and happiness

Use in biblical times. One of the most popular uses of wine in ancient times was the festive (Psalm 104: 15) as the product of the vine was the inevitable drink at banquets and special celebrations. In the marriage rite, for example, the suitor was a glass of wine to the intended, if accepted it and took it were considered legally married.

In all Israel before boarding the temple to celebrate Tabernacles trod the grapes in the wineries and pisadores sang cheerful songs (Song of Solomon 2: 12-13 / Jeremiah 25:30 / Jeremiah 48:33). The clothes of them were impregnated color and smell of the grape, so it also became associated with the celebration of Divine justice or retribution at the end of time (Isaiah 63: 2-3 / Revelation 19:13).

Symbolic meaning. While our parents associated with wine imperfect and fleeting happiness of this life (Proverbs 14:13) with great wisdom they could glimpse that meant spiritually blessed future; the longed eternal joy of the next life. By drinking wine, the Israelites became aware of how fleeting is happiness in this life, but also made them reflect on the eternal happiness offered to those who obey God (Isaiah 65:21) life. The ancients knew that in contrast to the effect of the wine that is transient and imperfect, when all the children of Israel will drink eternally New Wine is spiritual and therefore eternal coming of the Kingdom of God, then the joy will be perfect, infinite, enduring (Matthew 26:29 / Psalm 4: 7).

Wine and comfort

Use in biblical times. Another use of wine in ancient times was the painkiller, because wine was also used to give comfort. Just as when we cry tears entering our mouth give us comfort because they contain analgesic, also the wine mixed with myrrh constituted a powerful painkiller dildo (Mark 15: 23 / Luke 10:34).

Symbolic meaning. To the sufferings of life, perhaps we can find comfort in other things (Luke 6:24) but none compare to the wonderful comfort he gives the Holy Spirit of God whose symbol is also the new wine (John 2: 1-11 / Juan 14:26).

Wine and health

Use in biblical times. The wine was also given medicinally. The ancient wine not only used as a remedy for pain, but also to address other ailments, such as stomach, for example (1 Timothy 5:23).

Symbolic meaning. For the ancient wine have meant the same as for us a pharmacy nearby and affordable, so that meant ensuring not only physical health but also the interior. Thus the Holy Spirit, the New Wine, heals disease death (1 Corinthians 15: 55-57).

Wine and abundance

Use in biblical times. Satisfaction guaranteed wine of joy at banquets, medicine in sickness and comfort in pain. But besides who owned a vineyard he could sell wine and become a livelihood. In this sense, the wine was the tranquility that was having abundance (Amos 9:14).

Symbolic meaning. Therefore, for the ancient owning a vineyard was to enjoy earthly prosperity. Recall that the lives of our ancestors, was generally far more simple and frugal than ours and that not very accustomed to the delicacies and luxuries of today.

The new wine that is made fresh (not sour) without lowering water represents eternal happiness in the kingdom of heaven. Even when we have the material produces a sense of tranquility, the Word shows us that we should not put our trust in them, but wait for the coming kingdom, where those goods are not only more abundant, but eternal (Matthew 6:19 / Luke 12 : 15-21).

For its qualities to provide happiness, comfort, health and true wealth, the new wine is the symbol par excellence of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18).

The wine and its relationship with the spiritual

In ancient times the effects of wine is very closely related to the spiritual. For men of the Bible the Spirit that God shares drunk man (Isaiah 29: 9-10). This is due to the similarity of the wine with the blood since the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is his Spirit, wine is a symbol for your Holy Presence. In this regard, Paul, tells us the following:

Do not be drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit. Ephesians 5:18
... And all drank the same spiritual drink; they drank from the spiritual rock that followed them, and the rock was Christ. 1 Corinthians 10: 4